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I have made it to 2008!


It sounds so odd reading the title, but after a very long hiatus, I have completed my 3rd scrapbook containing the years 2004-2007.  Scrapbooks seem to be something my friends had put to the side for more fantastic photo books and lovely framed shots on the walls, gallery style.  But, I still want something to read.  I want something where I can write down my memories and pass them on to the girls later.

I fear all the time that my memory will leave me later in life.  I have some bad neurological genes on both sides headed my way.  It’s very likely to happen.  As a result, I’ve felt these past few months the necessity to record the memories I still have.

It’s been a long and successful day.  I began with finishing a well written novel and ended it with completing a paper and photo log of memories.  Life is good.