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Titles Can Be Very Important; Wait Until I Think of One


We’ve piddled around each other all day today.  I think back on times when I was headed back to school after a break, and I can remember my mother in a frenzy rushing around and grabbing things in preparation.  I take the exact opposite approach.  I don’t want to do anything in my final moments of “freedom.”  There are times when I’m feeling guilty because I’ve abandoned my family or chores for something salacious on television.  (Did you see the crazy Jenna on the Bachelor?)  But, I reconcile myself with the fact that NO ONE is perfect.  We are all fed, we all currently have clothes on (let’s not dismiss the beauty of Sarah in panties and roller skates on Christmas Eve), and doing what we each exactly want to do.  🙂

I came across a post today by one of my fav blogs about a family message center.  I’m trying to be a “cleaner” mother this year by following a cleaning schedule from a professional.

Tater Tots and Jello had my idea in mind!  (Click on the picture to see the post.)  Soon, it is on my goal sheet to create our very own Massey Family Message Center.  I really like the idea she has given.  I hope to show you soon what I’ve done!