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Dancing Makes Everything Better


The girls and I took this evening easy.  I really enjoyed watching their silly shows with them.  We giggled together many times.  But, the best of all, is watching Allison attack Just Dance 3.  She really has a great time dancing to all of the songs.  She may not be the most accurate dancer on the game, but she definitely has TONS of style.  I really love these girls.

We tried a Reuben style pizza tonight.  Sarah and I made it together.  Whole wheat crust, Thousand Island dressing, corned beef slices from the deli, fresh grated Swiss, sauerkraut (don’t tell Allison), and caraway seeds on top.  You know, I just followed the recipe.  Didn’t even know what caraway seeds were!  Then I open them, take a whiff … low and behold – it smelled just like rye bread.  The things I learn on my amateur culinary road.

The chilly weather is blowing into the Metroplex as I type.  It’s beating against the windows.  Sometimes I imagine it’s furious at us for having such a great time as a family.  But, this house and all in it are protected by God himself!  Have a cozy evening yourself; you deserve it!!