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I'm a wife and mother of daughters that also happens to teach elementary school. I truly enjoy organization, but I'm learning to love DIY projects! I hope to see 2012 as the year that I make my house what I've always dreamed it could be.

Weekly Menu 5-23-12


One of the best things I ever learned from my mother was how to meal plan and make a grocery list properly.  I never knew what a gift this was until later in life watching people grabbing whatever they wanted into their carts or stressing about the infamous question, “What’s for dinner?”

My meal planning has several stages, but I’m going to discuss just step one tonight.  The first thing I do is set out the weekly schedule.  James has an odd retail work schedule that’s forever changing, there are always things going on at school or with the girls, and times when we have something special going on.  I recommend you keep a master family calendar somewhere.  Mine is best kept on my phone because it syncs with James’ phone.  Once the schedule for the week is laid out I can properly plan my meals.  When James closes, we have “quick meals.”  When he is home, we have more involved meals.  One reason is because it’s easier for two people to accomplish almost anything.  But it’s also because he’s the better cook out of the two of us.  🙂  I have “everyman” nights where it is everyman for him/herself.  There is also the newly installed leftover night because I’m sick of throwing away food.  Such a waste!

Next week I’ll post a sample meal plan with a schedule.  While waiting for that bit of gold, check out I’m an Organizing Junkie.  She has great ideas on Mondays for family meals.  


Buffie 🙂


Music For Working . . .


On my first Tuesday post, I’m going to put up five songs that I work to during my 45 minute conference time at work.  The playlist is even labeled “work time.”  (I’m SO creative.)  😉

I have found that work doesn’t feel like work if I’m bobbing around in my Mom jeans to these great tunes.  As I’m ripping my classroom apart for the end of the school year, I like to turn these up on my Promethean board and jam as I reorganize and purge for the summer.  Enjoy!

1.  Lenny Kravitz:  Are You Gonna Go My Way

I’ve always enjoyed this song!  Dad was so critical of Cindy Blackman on the drums, but as a professional drummer, I’ll allow him to be picky.  Personally, I think she did a great job adding a jazzy twist to this tune.  P.S.  I think Lenny looks a lot better as Cinna in the Hunger Games.

2.  Britney Spears:  Womanizer

Has she lived down her bad choices yet?  Whatever the case, this song is just catchy enough to get me moving.  Catchy songs always get the job done, in my humble opinion.   🙂

3.  Usher:  Caught Up

Usher.  *shiver*  I just LOVE this song!  How can you not at least tap your toe to this?

4.  Beyonce:  Crazy In Love

The queen of all that makes me smile in the music world.  I have a special tie to this video.  I remember holding my first itty bity baby watching Making the Video and feeling a mother’s pride for my own child and for Miss Beyonce going out on her own.  This song still gets me rockin’.

5.  Robert Randolph and the Family Band:  Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That

This is such a fun way to end!  Sometimes I even get the students involved dancing around as we clean up for the day.  “It don’t matter” – It just sets you up to end in a good mood!



Who’s In School Now?


Well, the perfectionist in me and the desire to win has pushed me into yet another science fair project.  Why oh why didn’t I pick the blue pill?

Allison chose her project this year — the best topic she’s done yet in my opinion.  “Which way is best to cut an onion without crying?”  She had the plan, she had the man (my husband) to do the testing, she just didn’t have the desire to complete the project and create the board.  Yes folks, that’s where I come in.  It only took 4 hours but my her project is complete.

I’ll let you know next week what prize I earned.  😉

Dancing Makes Everything Better


The girls and I took this evening easy.  I really enjoyed watching their silly shows with them.  We giggled together many times.  But, the best of all, is watching Allison attack Just Dance 3.  She really has a great time dancing to all of the songs.  She may not be the most accurate dancer on the game, but she definitely has TONS of style.  I really love these girls.

We tried a Reuben style pizza tonight.  Sarah and I made it together.  Whole wheat crust, Thousand Island dressing, corned beef slices from the deli, fresh grated Swiss, sauerkraut (don’t tell Allison), and caraway seeds on top.  You know, I just followed the recipe.  Didn’t even know what caraway seeds were!  Then I open them, take a whiff … low and behold – it smelled just like rye bread.  The things I learn on my amateur culinary road.

The chilly weather is blowing into the Metroplex as I type.  It’s beating against the windows.  Sometimes I imagine it’s furious at us for having such a great time as a family.  But, this house and all in it are protected by God himself!  Have a cozy evening yourself; you deserve it!!

I have made it to 2008!


It sounds so odd reading the title, but after a very long hiatus, I have completed my 3rd scrapbook containing the years 2004-2007.  Scrapbooks seem to be something my friends had put to the side for more fantastic photo books and lovely framed shots on the walls, gallery style.  But, I still want something to read.  I want something where I can write down my memories and pass them on to the girls later.

I fear all the time that my memory will leave me later in life.  I have some bad neurological genes on both sides headed my way.  It’s very likely to happen.  As a result, I’ve felt these past few months the necessity to record the memories I still have.

It’s been a long and successful day.  I began with finishing a well written novel and ended it with completing a paper and photo log of memories.  Life is good.

Book 2 towards my reading goal!!!


The Friday Night Knitting ClubThe Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I have long been used to women’s friendship literature and romance novels, so I thought I had the formula of this book down before I even finished. I arrogantly knew the ending as I read, but I continued on wanting a quick read for the second week of the year. Then, Kate Jacobs blindsided me.

I enjoyed reading about women who don’t quite fit together and yet build beautiful friendships. I left this novel with wet cheeks, I’ll warn you. You will fall in love with the Walkers and learn to tolerate, as they do, the others. I’m ready to read Knit Two!!

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The King Cake Eludes Us Again!


There isn’t much I miss from having a Sack N’ Save except their King Cakes! I never had to wonder if there would be a king cake available from the Day of Epiphany through Mardi Gras. Those babies hiding inside the cakes were waiting for me on their poorly lit table in the oddly shaded yellow and green corner of the store. My dad chose to shop there because my mom was cheap. In all honesty, I’m cheap in many ways too. If I can save a dime shopping in a seedy store (not unsafe just full of undesirables) then I will do so. He called it Rack N’ Pack forever resenting the idea that he had to bag his own groceries. He’s from the generation where they practically delivered his groceries to him on a weekly basis. Wait … that may have happened! He often asked the clerk if they needed him to re-shelve anything before he left. This is part of his oddball humor. It includes trying to pay everywhere with a gas card and wearing his underwear on the outside of his blue jeans in the front yard because Madonna got to do it. How I managed to make it to adult not as a pariah is a testament to my patience and ability to let A LOT of things roll down my back.

So, we didn’t get a King Cake. We didn’t get to cut it apart and see who got the scary, freaky little plastic baby inside the slice. But, I won’t give up my search.

Have you seen me?????

Thursday . . . I should have called it Mursday.


Today felt like a Monday with the students coming back to class the first time in 2012. All things said, we stepped right back into our old ways. The second semester has begun.

I’m so curious about painting an old piece of furniture and making it into something as beautiful as what is plastered all over Pinterest. Hmmmm . . . do I dare venture out into (gasp) garage sale land? I wonder what I could find at the thrift store???? I’m going to need a level head before I try. Which room should I begin? I’m really wanting to creating a new front entryway. There isn’t much room, but I could definitely make an impact. When’s the weekend??? *wink*

I’m Enjoying Learning How to Blog!


I’m really enjoying the series on blogging through five of my fav bloggers.  I’m learning SO much!  You can too . . . check out today’s post on Tater Tots and Jello.  I’ve even learned ON MY OWN how to add links to the blogroll.  I’ve added two sites from friends of mine whom I admire greatly.  Now that I know how to add them, I’ll begin to add blogs I read and follow everyday!

I also have to thank The Eclectic Life for introducing me to BlogLovin’.  I’m enjoying using this as my blog reader.  I find it incredibly easy to maneuver.

Tomorrow I’m anxious to learn about photography from the blog leaders.  I want to be adding pictures to all my posts.  I think a picture says much more than my snarky self could ever say.  It’s one of the reasons I like to read my favorite blogs anyways.  Catch up with you tomorrow!

Titles Can Be Very Important; Wait Until I Think of One


We’ve piddled around each other all day today.  I think back on times when I was headed back to school after a break, and I can remember my mother in a frenzy rushing around and grabbing things in preparation.  I take the exact opposite approach.  I don’t want to do anything in my final moments of “freedom.”  There are times when I’m feeling guilty because I’ve abandoned my family or chores for something salacious on television.  (Did you see the crazy Jenna on the Bachelor?)  But, I reconcile myself with the fact that NO ONE is perfect.  We are all fed, we all currently have clothes on (let’s not dismiss the beauty of Sarah in panties and roller skates on Christmas Eve), and doing what we each exactly want to do.  🙂

I came across a post today by one of my fav blogs about a family message center.  I’m trying to be a “cleaner” mother this year by following a cleaning schedule from a professional.

Tater Tots and Jello had my idea in mind!  (Click on the picture to see the post.)  Soon, it is on my goal sheet to create our very own Massey Family Message Center.  I really like the idea she has given.  I hope to show you soon what I’ve done!