The King Cake Eludes Us Again!


There isn’t much I miss from having a Sack N’ Save except their King Cakes! I never had to wonder if there would be a king cake available from the Day of Epiphany through Mardi Gras. Those babies hiding inside the cakes were waiting for me on their poorly lit table in the oddly shaded yellow and green corner of the store. My dad chose to shop there because my mom was cheap. In all honesty, I’m cheap in many ways too. If I can save a dime shopping in a seedy store (not unsafe just full of undesirables) then I will do so. He called it Rack N’ Pack forever resenting the idea that he had to bag his own groceries. He’s from the generation where they practically delivered his groceries to him on a weekly basis. Wait … that may have happened! He often asked the clerk if they needed him to re-shelve anything before he left. This is part of his oddball humor. It includes trying to pay everywhere with a gas card and wearing his underwear on the outside of his blue jeans in the front yard because Madonna got to do it. How I managed to make it to adult not as a pariah is a testament to my patience and ability to let A LOT of things roll down my back.

So, we didn’t get a King Cake. We didn’t get to cut it apart and see who got the scary, freaky little plastic baby inside the slice. But, I won’t give up my search.

Have you seen me?????


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