2012 … Bring It!


So I have many plans on making 2012 a much better year than 2011. Of course, all resolutions are the most lofty of goals, but it is always great to re-evaluate, re-adjust, and renew. I truly feel the key to making most of my goals centers around organization and more energy! I’ve begun a household binder that will stop the useless time wasted trying to find everything – especially since there isn’t any room to have a home office or even a “home” surface. The energy? Well, I can only attribute a difference through diet and exercise. Here’s hoping in two weeks (after I detox from all the lovely, yet toxic foods) I’ll be a sane person who has more energy. I’ll keep you posted! 🙂

I hope your New Years’ Day was what you wanted. I had an unusual day, but it has ended with another fabulous meal made by James – corned beef brisket, sauerkraut, collared greens, corn bread muffins and black-eyed peas, of course. Here’s to you!


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